What a strange time to be part of the graphic design world. Visual arts and communication have become so accessible, with so many studios promising the same things: how closely they will work with you, how deeply they will become immersed in your business, or how they use qualitative and quantitative methods of research in finding a design solution.

The truth is these are the basic mechanics of good design.

The greater truth to us is when you see good design you know it is good because you feel it in your stomach. You will know it is good and the customer will know it is good because it will help them understand what your company is all about. It is our responsibility as designers to create these compelling graphic solutions. Having spent time on both the client and agency sides of creating quality design work, we would like to think we have developed a talent for doing just that. When working with people who are every bit as passionate about design as we are, one can’t help but notice the energy we have about our work because we love what we do. We feel our enthusiasm is present in our work. If you feel it too, please call.



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“I can give Eric one small idea as a jumping off point, lean on him when I am stuck, or give him detailed precise projects with no wiggle room, all of which he executes well, with our needs in mind, not his own. Lastly, Eric always comes through for us; he is very reliable and more than a few times has met deadlines which I thought would be near impossible to meet. Put simply, I thoroughly enjoy working with him and he does a great job for us.”
— Karryn Lurock, International Marketing and Communications Director, Gatekeeper Systems

“These guys are not about software. They are about brainware. They are craftsmen. Artisans. Thinkers. I used to describe them as graphic designers and always thought the term was grossly inadequate. They are not for everyone, and they’ll be the first to admit it. But I still think the companies that have the opportunity to work with them should consider themselves fortunate. I know we do.”
— Lauren Fischer, Vice President (retired), Newport Pacific Family of Companies

“I have worked with a lot of art directors and ad agencies in the past, and there are a lot of ‘yes men’ out there. That is not the case with Eric Yingling. His approach is straightforward, sincere, and when necessary, blunt. Working with him is refreshing and I envision a lengthy relationship.”
— Glenn Major, President, Anonymous One, Inc.